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All the activities of this organization is Online:

Our activity is selling plane tickets from 1039 airlines & cheapest booking hotel from around the world. & Car rental new and low cost worldwide.l
Group "Popular" have managed to rival Europe's major companies
Group "Popular" licensed from Europe and the activity is Online
Our most advanced method of IT in the context of the sale of airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rental throughout the world  well.

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How can you create your own tourism?

Few examples tourism : family tourism, medical tourism, holiday tourism, and tourism bazaar for you.
With our help you can prepare your own tour!

Small tourism

What is small tourism?

Group Tourism OMiD, small tourism inventive.

You do not have to pay exorbitant fees to tourist agencies.  you defines with the lowest cost and the best use of tourism. 

Group OMiD Travel , initiative has small tours OMiD Travel  as the pioneers of tourism is cheap and quality. We're always in the service of tourists pioneer.

All airlines ticket purchases of is online. You can use a Visa card or MasterCard choose buy from us. We offer , is lower than the airlines that's official sites. 

Because we have been able, from the airlines, get special discounts.

Department of Tourism and Travel hopes of using the technology of the day,

Find hotels around the world and 1039 sales of airline tickets from airlines and dozens of travel companies provide to their customers.

How small tourism can be obtained

You have 3 basic work to do:


You just need to choose your destination and travel time.

The ticket search page, select your desired city and date in your sweep.

You can choose one or more City Tourism

Option to specify the number of tourists and search your airfare.

Many companies suggest for you buy tickets .

 You choose the option price to see the cheapest flight list.

Please select one of the companies

 write your address and phone correctly. that must comply with the passport.

 and now payment procedures do buy tickets.

Now you have the credit card details. Must be written correctly. In the final stage you must press the button to buy your ticket is confirmed.

And then send the invoice to your email.

  All flight times your profile and other characteristics that are approved will be sent to you.

You must print the invoice and a flight. With your airport

To control the delivery flight attendants to control them

Your car delivered at the airport.

Car rental

To get the car on the same page in the form Search city to its tourism purposes (place of the supplier of the airport select) and date of receipt and delivery of the vehicle should the flight date matches if the international certificate you may choose driver you can now search and choose.

You will be offered a lot of cars.

  Please select your favorite car.

Write the correct form for your car hire

Process your payment.

At the airport, please refer to your contract company.

  At the same time, the request must be the vehicle with GPS.

You set the hotel address in GPS, please refer to your hotel, and declare its existence. 

Now your favorite places tourists visit.

Hotel reservation
On the same page and choose Search hotel booking 
write your city travel.
Hotel reservation choose conformity by date is round-trip flights.
Many hotels will offer you.
You need to check your preferred options. Please select one of the hotels.
Steps pay your hotel reservations do and reservation your hotel

We have wish for you a good trip

You are now at the bottom, you start shopping

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